A Democratic Jewish State
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 Mandate for Israel
A Democratic Jewish State

A Democratic Jewish State

The Mandate for Israel extends Israel sovereignty over all of Judea and Samaria and ensures that Israel is preserved as a democratic Jewish state.

A Democratic Jewish State

Highlights of the MANDATE for ISRAEL

·         Israel law will be extended to all of Judea and Samaria.

·         Residents of Judea and Samaria will become permanent residents of Israel and elect local officials.

·         Civil and religious rights for all residents.

·         Citizenship standards and opportunities will be phased in over time.

Pursuant to Israel's reunification of Jerusalem in 1967, Jerusalem Arabs became subject to Israeli law and received blue Israel ID cards. Citizenship was initially offered and today, fewer than 5% are Israeli citizens.


Two-state plans seek to end the current status of indeterminacy and limbo. Many believe that two-state plans will prevent a possible demographic catastrophe that would destroy Israel as a democratic Jewish state. The demographic basis for this fear has been disproved in studies presented in the United States and Israel. Ironically, two-state plans that seek to avoid demographic catastrophes all permit Arab immigration west of the Jordan River into the new Palestinian state. This unlimited immigration will quickly lead to an irreversible demographic catastrophe and assure that the Jewish population west of the Jordan River will become a minority and could ultimately endanger the very existence of the State of Israel.

ALL two-state plans are fatally flawed because they propose a sovereign state that would 

·         not be a viable independent entity

·         oppose the existence of a Jewish state

·         be led by terrorists dedicated to the destruction of Israel and become a global center of terrorism

·         not resolve the claims of right of return and refugee issues

·         intensify and compound existing dual-loyalty problems for Israeli-Arabs

·         leave unresolved issues relating to Jerusalem and the "settlements"

·         become allied and cooperate with rogue regimes and terrorists

·         continue to support hate education in schools and mosques

·         support anti-Jewish, anti-Zionist, and anti-Semitic organizations globally

·         arm with conventional and unconventional weapons

·         create endless territorial, water, and resource disputes

·         lead to violence, war of attrition and a major conflict

·         create demographic problems between the sea and the river

·         lead to demoralization and the decisive weakening of the State of Israel

As John Kerry and others are beginning to understand, the Oslo Accords and all other two-state plans are destined to fail. Local, regional and global dynamics have made it clear that the dream of "two states living side by side in peace" is unachievable. Any state established in all or part of Judea and Samaria will not be viable and will quickly become a serious security threat to Israel. All attempts to resolve so-called final status issues including: final borders, division of Jerusalem, return or compensation of refugees from Israel and Arab countries, recognition of Israel as a Jewish state, and status of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria are destined to fail.

Israel has withdrawn entirely from Gaza. Hamas and the Moslem Brotherhood are in control. Rather than trying to create another Gaza, it is time to investigate new alternatives for Judea and Samaria based on global dynamics and realities on the ground.

Israel combined with Judea and Samaria has a two-to-one Jewish majority and with proper governmental initiatives that majority will grow. Demographic pressure which strongly influenced policy after 1967 is no longer valid. Israel has reached a critical mass of Jewish population and must now make decisions based on a strong and growing Jewish majority.

Israel must now reaffirm the Mandate for Palestine (Land of Israel) approved unanimously by the League of Nations on July 24, 1922, by the United States on December 3, 1924, and incorporated into the United Nations Charter in 1946. The Mandate for Palestine established the area west of the Jordan River as the national home of the Jewish people. The Mandate guaranteed civil and religious rights to all inhabitants of the land and political rights were granted to the Jewish people to create a national home. Israel should now extend its sovereignty and democracy to the entire Judea and Samaria region.

It is not too late to avoid the tragedies that the current status will bring. Israel must ensure its long-term viability and include the entire Judea and Samaria region in a democratic structure that preserves Israel as a Jewish state. 

It is time to move on. In over 100 years, no Arab leader has ever recognized Israel's right to exist as a Jewish State. Israel's mere sovereignty is unacceptable and undermines the foundations of Islam. Nonetheless, well meaning Israel and International personalities as well as several malevolent leaders keep trying to accomplish the impossible.

In May 18, 2009, President Obama highlighted the intractable issues inherent in all two-state plans:

"If we resume negotiations, as we plan to do, then I think that the Palestinians will have to recognize Israel as a Jewish state; will have to also enable Israel to have the means to defend itself. And if those conditions are met, Israel's security conditions are met, and there's recognition of Israel's legitimacy, its permanent legitimacy, then I think we can envision an arrangement where Palestinians and Israelis live side by side in dignity, in security, and in peace."


On April 2004, President Bush acknowledged that:


"In light of new realities on the ground, including already existing major Israeli population centers, it is unrealistic to expect that the outcome of final status negotiations will be a full and complete return to the armistice lines of 1949. And all previous efforts to negotiate a two-state solution have reached the same conclusion."

Events in Syria and Egypt as well as the history of Gaza and Lebanon have demonstrated the dangers inherent in all two state plans and regional instability. Defense Minister Moshe (“Bogey”) Ya’alon dramatically warned, “In the past decade, the government of Israel and Israeli society decided to divide the land. In the present reality, I see difficulty in producing a stable situation of end-of-conflict within that paradigm.” If a sovereign Palestinian state is created in Judea and Samaria, the recent Gaza and Lebanon experiences and the behavior of the Hamas and Fatah leadership confirm that that state will be used as a stepping stone to further assault the State of Israel.